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Tanya Alexander & Ace Gibson Are two exceptional voice talent to be on the look-out for.

As a director of voice talent, whether you're a producer, casting director or advertiser listening to auditions, it's always a relif when the talent hits the mark. Tanya Alexander and Ace Gibson are two who consistently "get it". Listen to their voice demos here.


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Introducing IDIOM

IDIOM Worldwide is a one stop shop for advertisers looking for a single entity to fulfill the requirements of their projects.

Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in four strategic locations globally, we serve the needs of our creative partners with a clear vision for their project supported by a world-class production roster to turn their ideas into reality.

IDIOM offers an impressive roster of accomplished actors, models and voice-talent globally in all genres. Our voice talent is required to have their own professional home studios with ISDN, Phone Patch capabilities or to be located within driving distance to professional recording facility. IDIOM offers project auditions at no cost, on tight timelines, with quick turnaround.

  • We are able to package on-air talent, find the director or photographer whose vision best matches the project, and score it by a world-class producer.
  • We also have the capacity to sweeten and do final mix-downs as per our clients’ specifications, on budget and on time.